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Coping with February Freak Out

Two things have really helped me with my Febraury Freak Out:

First, I have been working out consistently for the last six months.  My family works out at the Downtown Naperville YMCA four or five days per week.  They have free daycare for my daughter, which she loves.  She is almost two.  I do about one half hour cardio, either running or eliptical machine.  Some sort of core workout follows.  I would like to get in great shape this year.  I will be 40 in August.

Second, I have been driving a limo for a buddy who owns a small limo company.  The schedule is flexible and random.  It works perfectly for me during this time of fewer showings and less listing appointments.  I'll tell you what, it feels nice having cash in my wallet consistently for the first time in two and a half years (I started in October 05).

So, I am in good shape, able to pay the bills, meeting new people, and spending time with my family.  I love this job.

Closings are coming.  I will keep you "posted".

I hope all is well,


Comment balloon 1 commentKen Tracy • February 22 2008 12:33PM
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