Ken's Naperville Real Estate Blog : April 2008


For too long, I have worked my "STRATEGY".  It has been based on helping my clients find the perfect home.  No pressure.  Low cost.  Very helpful.

Great product at a great price.

It hasn't worked. 

Despite having about the lowest commission rates in the business and trying my best, I have NO business.

My strategy of low listing commissions has always been based on the fact I could make it up in volume.

My strategy is not working.  I have one listing.  They actually have two condos they would like to sell, but for some reason, only one is on the market.

I suck.

Last week, I helped my next door neighbor move into his new house.  I also talked at length with another neighbor who listed their home with a sister.  They got a contract on their home in two days, and will be buying a new home in a month.

I stayed at a friends new house on Saturday down in Chicago.  It was very nice.  I had another friend who was at my party on Sunday who just sold his house, again with another friend agent.  He is still considering a home.

That is 6 transactions that have happened in the last month.  I was involved with none of them.

Yet people seem to love talking real estate with me.  Why? 

Do they think I am smart?  Am I smart?  I think I am an idiot.

Low commission plus low volume equals very low income.  Bad business plan.

Do they think I have some unending passion or love for all things real estate?  That too will die soon.

I am overmatched.  Underpaid.  Overwhelmed.

I hang flyers.  I make calls.  I set up searches. 

My strategy makes sense to me.  Treat others the way you like to be treated.

It doesn't work.

Maybe I should go back to the hard sell.  I used to make lots of money working that way. 

I hated what I did, but at least I got paid and paid well.

I used to own a Porsche.  Then I owned a Mercedes SL500.  The two seater convertible.  It was pretty.

Now my family owns a Jeep Liberty.  It has 65k miles and is out of gas.

What to do?  What to do?

I can't close a door.



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